Twenty-five - Twenty-one is really a wholesome series that takes you to nostalgia and makes you revisit your emotions for your first love.

The Korean drama " Business  Proposal " is a great blend of romance, comedy, and mystery. It successfully creates an emotional connection with the viewers. 

"Extraordinary you" the fantasy romance drama revolves around two people who later come together. Basically a cute love story. 

"School 2017 " the drama depicts the life of cheerful 18-year-olds. It tells about the realistic troubles faced by high school students.

The drama " At Eighteen " is so thoughtful and full of accurate teenage feels. This is the drama we couldn't even think of we needed, but we deserve it.

Extracurricular is a thrilling, dark teen crime drama. This drama centers around the four high school students who started committing crimes to earn money.

The drama " Love Alarm" depicts the life of a school girl who gets addicted to a mobile app that tells her if there is someone near her who has romantic feelings for her.

"Law School" is the highest-rated drama on Netflix, it is about a murder that has taken place in law school. The drama is so mysterious that everyone has a secret and every episode ends with the spark of upcoming twits.

Reply 1994, is a sequel to Reply 1997. It focuses on the life events of the residents of a boarding house. The storyline is awesome and revolves around the passion of being a young adult.

"Pinocchio" is a story of a young boy whose life and family were destroyed by the new media, later falls in love with the girl, and they grow closer as they go through youth.