Tom Cruise a Hollywood star has become the highest paid actor in the industry earning more than 100 Million USD.

His latest movie Top Gun: Maverick has predominated worldwide and became the first ever movie of his to reach Billion dollars.

The Hollywood actor, Willard Carroll Smith II stands at the second position with 35 Millon USD for his forthcoming movie Emancipation.

He is popular with his stage name The Fresh Prince. His career began as a fictionalized variety of himself on the NBC sitcom.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson serves the third position on the list. He earns a pay-day of 25 Million USD for his upcoming movie Black Adam.

He is also popular with the stage name 'The Rock.' He is a former professional American wrestler and a businessman too.

The actor Kevin Costner is also on the scale and secures the fourth position. He earns 1.3 Million USD each episode of Yellowstone.

Kevin started his career with a dog's voiceover in the film The Art Of Racing In The Rain. His first starring roles came in 1987.

Sylvester Stallone a Hollywood actor is on the list at fifth position with his pay-day of 1 Million USD for each episode of Sheridan's Tulsa King.

The actor is famed for his roles as Rocky Balboa and Barney Rose. He even directed the four sequels of Rocky movies.