Sreenath Bhasi a Malayalam actor was arrested on Monday for verbally abusing a journalist in Kochi.

He has been charged with verbally abusing a female journalist while in an interview to promote his upcoming movie.

He has abused the journalist and the camera crew. The journalist who belongs to a youtube channel filed a complaint.

The actor has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this time. He has to go through the backlash from the viewers.

After the complaint, the police arrested him at the station where he was with his lawyer.

The journalist filed the complaint saying that he has abused her and the crew even asked to switch off the cameras.

Later the actor was released on bail. The case is under investigation and the police will decide whether to put more charges or not.

Sreenath's behaviour is very disrespectful and so fans are really disappointed with him.

Whereas an old video of his abusing an RJ during an interview is now going circulated over the internet.

The journalist who filed the complaint runs a youtube channel for which she was taking his interview.