Baldwin's life has changed over the years and he with his family continued to walk on that path.

After the shooting of the Rust last October, Alec's wife Hilaria and their kids retreated to a framework.

This way they put their fancy lifestyle behind them with their 10 acres of the estate in Amagansett, New York.

The $29 million residence was built but the living is most likely too with their Vermont home.

The mansion is 10,000 sq. feet with four bedrooms, and five bathrooms with the best interior decor.

It boasts plenty of A-list amenities including a grand eat-in kitchen, dining room, movie theatre and much more.

Residence also has a vegetable garden, a 625 sq feet pavilion, a pool with spa and a fireplace.

Some of its lands are also reserved for agricultural practices and always remain untouched.

Alec and his wife Hilaria will continue to give their presence in New York City as they retained their Greenwich penthouse.

It seems like they are now giving up on their luxury Hampton lifestyle because their new country home is away from them.