True Detective is a solid police drama. The way the story begins to unfold is just perfect and the cinematography is stellar. And of course, the characters are brilliantly written.

The White Lotus is an American comedy-drama that follows the guests of a fictional white Lotus resort, whose stay becomes affected by their dysfunctions.

The Last Man On Earth revolves around the life and adventures of an average person. It is full of dark humor, and a brilliant snapshot of a desperate group of people while on vacation.

Baywatch is an American action comedy movie. It follows devoted lifeguard Johnson as when a dangerous wave hits the beach he leads his elite squad.

The mind-blowing movie "San Andreas" turns a nightmare into a big-screen reality. It is an epic tale of The Rock saving his family during an earthquake.

Die In A Gunfight, is a fun and entertaining movie. It brings some escapism from our challenging times. The actors were simply superb.

"Superman: Man Of Tomorrow" is a decent movie, fun to watch. The story and script are simple for all age viewing, it last lasts for 1.5 hours.

Night Hunter,  is a Canadian action thriller starring Henry Cavil, Ben Kingsley, and Alexandra Daddario. The detective races against the time to stay one step ahead of a serial killer.

"Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters" is not so straight but a perfect sequel. There is a lot of humor and emotions. It is in short a perfect fantasy film.

The film "When We First Met" is pretty basic. The ending was not a big surprise but was very satisfying and felt good. Basically, a fun little romance story to enjoy.