It’d be really heartbreaking to hear that your partner cheated on you in a relationship, and it would be more devastating if you are married to that person.

Johnny Depp's case gets worsened after the reports claimed that he too was in the same situation where his wife had cheated on him.

Out of the all controversies in Depp's divorce case a new report has turned out against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The reports say that Amber was involved in sex orgies with billionaires and Depp already knew everything about it, which made him impatient.

Depp to find solitude after hearing the news started consuming alcohol and drugs because that news has surely taken a toll on his mental health.

Their case seems like a never-ending conflict after the reports accused Heard of being involved in sex orgies with billionaires.

According to the reports of Pop Topic, it is very clear that Depp already knew about the orgies and that was slowly killing him from inside.

The Pop Topic also claimed that instead of confronting his wife he decided to turn into an alcoholic and drug addict.

amer with johnny

It is hard to believe such reports but they also don't seem to be considered lightly because it shows Amber's treatment of his husband during their relationship.

Their marriage was definitely a miserable one that lasts less than two years and to soothe the pain Depp says he started consuming alcohol.

Amber Heard getting the role of Mera in Aquaman was very inquisitive to Hollywood executives. They were shocked upon hearing it.

Hollywood’s elite, who were uncredited spoke to Pop Topic about Amber getting cast in Aquaman.