Season two, Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space, was first revealed to be in development in the year 2017, with plans to release it in the year 2019, but it didn't come out as planned.

Bee and Puppycat

Bee and Puppycat have had a difficult journey getting to the new series. The show was originally slated to air as a series of shorts.

The charm of the original show is present, and there's plenty of fresh material to appreciate from the Season 2 episodes of the show.

Season 1, has been adapted into a set of episodes from the beginning of the season that compress the season's first into this season.

Bee is a jolly and eccentric young lady aged in the early stages of her twenties. She often gets fired from mundane jobs that pay low wages. 

Kickstarter launched on the 15th of October 2013 and reached its goal of US$600,000 with just the remaining six days; at the end of the month, it had raised $872.133.

In June 2018, The trailer for the continuation premiered under the name Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space. The show would premiere in the year 2019. However, it was delayed.

The word "odd" is key in this case  the missions vary from being required to fight an evil spider-like creature to opening a huge soda bottle.

Bee's search for employment hasn't been fruitful; however, because of to PuppyCat, her circumstances are poised to shift. It's true.