IU's fanboy Jungkook has once again proven that he is her topmost fan. Jungkook is an S. Korean singer and a BTS member.

He never fails to express his devotion and respect for the K-pop accompanist, he lately dotted at her concert.

Lee Ji-Eun is a K-pop singer and actress also known by her ringed name IU. She debuted at the age of fifteen with the play Lost and Found.

Jungkook has shown his love for IU as an artist many times over the year. He supports the singer unwaveringly.

All other members of Jungkook never fail to prove their adoration for IU. Fans often consider him the number one fan of Lee.

IU and the team have organized the first day of her excessively foreseen concert, The Golden Hour, at Olympic Stadium on 17 September.

It was the first time a female K-pop Artist performed in the Olympic stadium for two days.

Several K-pop idols attended the IU's concert along with them another familiar face BTS Jungkook was also spotted at the concert.

He was captured enjoying the concert. Fans are happy to see him attending the concert. He being an IU fan for a long time was vibing.

 He managed to look like any other exciting fan by wearing an all-black outfit with a mask and a black bucket hat. He was killing the look.