New decade, new appearance! On Friday, September 23, Chase Stokes debuted a brand-new haircut to his Instagram followers

He shared a selfie on Instagram of himself with a shorter haircut and the phrase "30?" in what appears to be a reference to his recent 30th birthday, which was on Friday, September 16

Although not a close shave, the appearance contrasts sharply with his usual long, curly hair.

He was still very attractive despite the drastically changed haircut for fans, and he earned many praises for his new appearance

Some of his fans found it difficult to see his locks go. One fan commented, "Chase what's up with your hair."

Several folks posed the same query! A second person expressed a similar opinion. They left a remark on the post saying, "I'm going to miss your long hair."

Chase's new appearance demonstrated that he is stepping into his 30s with style, and it is the ideal makeover for a new decade.