College Romance Season 3 released date has been announced. Check out all the details. The most intriguing aspect is the return to Manjot Singh's role as Trippy.

The two seasons before that premiered with ten high-quality shows (5 for each), and the fans had been waiting for a new season.

The web series will be streaming on Sony Liv from 16th Sep. CR is very popular among teenagers.  The most intriguing aspect is the return to Manjot Singh's role as Trippy.

Deepika to be seen in her same exotic character as last two seasons. She was seen with other guy in the trailer.

Karan will be seen dating college juniors, new character has been introduced. We've known for a while that there's Nupur Nagpal Jahnvi Rawat and Eklavey Kashyap play pivotal roles.

College Romance is very popular web series among teenagers.  Season 1 was first released back in 2018 and since then the demand for Season 2 was raised by viewers.

In season 3, Naira, Trippy, Bagga, and Karan are going to be college seniors.  The third season of College Romance is directed by Parijat Joshi and written by Ashutosh and Pankaj Mavchi.

Naira has already gone to foreign university for further studies meanwhile with Long Distance Relation with Bagga.

As seen in the trailer released today, Bagga was found to be dating other girls. The show is about three couples with different viewpoints and attitudes due to their relationship.

Season 3 is going to be full of Yaarana, Masti, and Climax. It's all about how they work together and collaborate to beat the odd situations between them.