The new Netflix series 'Jeffrey Dahmer,' has been in limelight for quite a recent time for its gruesome subject matter.

The series was given the tag LGBTQ and viewers noticed and warned Netflix to not do that with the series.

The series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a documentary about a serial killer and cannibal who was convicted for killing 17 boys.

Dahmer's story has been in many books, news articles and films in the past that show that his maximum victims were LGBTQ and POC.

Consulting producer of the show Rashad Robinson said that the series aims to tell the stories of the victims.

He says it basically depicts the impact of the assault on victims and what they had on their communities.

That is the reason behind putting it into LGBTQ and Horror content by Netflix. But this decision wasn't workout with the audience.

One TikTok user commented that this is not the representative they are looking for while another added that she was livid by the issue.

She said that she feels horror is something that is a certain level of fiction and spooky which is not existing in this series.

No one is against the idea but some of them pointed out that the show does explore LGBTQ and injustices at the same time, one of the comments reads.