We all have seen Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman pulling each other on social media. Their jesting has been fun that you can't oblige but giggle at their Christmas uploads.

Now, visualise the two jointly in a movie like Deadpool. Their uproarious chemistry will fritter the nets away. And to crown it, Hugh Jackman  returns in his adored mutant role, Wolverine.

Ryan confirmed star Hugh Jackman's retrieval as Wolverine in 'Deadpool 3' announcement tape. It will release on September 6, 2024.

Reynolds in the video clip said that they have been working very hard on a sequel of 'Deadpool'  now for a quite long time.

His first arrival in the MCU needs to feel special. We have to stay loyal to the character and find new chasm, grounds, and significance.

He says, "It's been an unthinkable challenge that has caused me to go down deep inside. And I have zero. Yes, just fully empty up here and scary. But we do have a plan."

Shawn Levy, director 'Of Free Guy' and 'The Adam Project with Ryan is now directing 'Deadpool 3', which will officially enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Disney's purchased it.

The prior X-Men fans saw Jackman playing Wolverine in R-rated Logan', by James Mangold. Wolverine famously passed at the end of the film.

It's doubtful how he will seem in 'Deadpool 3'. But the personality is best known for constantly violating the fourth wall in film and funnies.

Kevin Feige president of Marvel Studios lately told 'Variety', "anything's feasible in the multiverse".