This terrifying, hugely popular Netflix show 'Devil in Ohio' was filmed in Metro Vancouver.

The dark, horrifying thriller is about a teenage girl called Mae played by Candian actress Madeleine Arthur.

In the story, the girl escapes a satanic cult and ends her life in the care of her psychiatrist played by Emily Deschanel.

In the story, the psychiatrist is the mother of three girls. Whereas Mae has escaped a highly sadistic cult and bears with emotional trauma.

The show is based on true events and is adaptive to the novel of the same name by Daria Polatin.

The series with its suspenseful narrative keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats and is now have been on Netflix's top ten 10 trending shows.

It is an ideal show to binge on this spooky season. Despite its title, it wasn't shot in the United States but was filmed in B.C.

You can easily spot locations. The scenes were shot in Vancouver in Langle, Northbrook Ct. in Burnaby etc.

The show is trending #1 on the streaming platforms and most of it was filmed in Metro Vancouver.

While the 'Devil In Ohio,' horror series has American state in its title it is shown that most of the filming was in the lower mainland.