Fernando, Andres, and Conrado have directed the series 'EL REY, VICENTE FERNANDEZ.' It is a Mexican Series that tells us about the personality's life story and career.

The series includes Jaime Camil, Marcela Guirado and Maria del Refugio as leads. From his stardom, the music icon's career is portrayed over decades. 

El Rey, Vicente Fernández a biographical drama funded by CNC TV. the series was first telecasted on CNC TV on August 3, 2022.

The series is available outside Colombia on Netflix to stream from 14 September 2022, it has a total of 36 episodes as of now.

Vicente Fernández was a Mexican singer his career has been close to 6 decades and he died the last December. 

This dive into his life will be a great way of tributing his service. The series is something that his fans must be waiting for.

The people who are not familiar with the personality can skip a few episodes or just can read the biography if are interested.

This series might sound boring to you because it doesn't have any drama to carry on through 36 episodes if you don't have prior knowledge about him. 

The series is quite decent but it is time-consuming and that will be the reason for most of the viewers to skip it who haven't of the singer before.

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