Halle bailey is an American singer and actress. Her songs have been nominated for Grammys eight times. She is popular for being a little sister to Chloe.

Disney's live-action remake of the little mermaid teaser is out, to which fans reacted positively. One of the girls reacted by saying the mermaid is brown like her.

Many of the parents recorded their kid's reactions to the teaser for the part, Halle, singing 'Part Of Your World.'

Recently a trend is circulating the internet where black girls are reacting to the teaser and going surprised to see Halle's skin tone.

 Halle ended up reposting one of the tags of fans. Alongside the post, she tweeted that fans are tagging her with the reaction videos for the whole week and so now she is truly in awe.

Halle was extremely happy with the reaction of the public she expressed herself by saying, that she never imagined herself to be a mermaid.

She said that she was so excited to play the character and that Rob directed him so well, working with him was an honor.

On Twitter, infuriation people used to belittle and chauvinist language to stamp out Disney's casting. Some are even asking others to boycott the film.

The teaser gained as many as 1.5 million dislikes within two days of its release. Many even came out to defend the movie.

Many of them agreed to the point, concluding it is peculiar to be vexed at Halle as Ariel gave her persona's race has nothing to do with her story.


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