When asked about marriage life, Varun Dhawan had the sweetest reply, “It’s been great. She’s the homeostasis." he said.

"She demands nothing and the best thing happened to me. She just wants my time. She is just amazing,” he added.

Varun questioned Karan that "If he’s cheated in his relationship?" "he has to be in one first," he answered humorously.

Karan revealed that he is not in a relationship and he broke up. Karan also thanks Varun for being supportive on his gloomy days.

“I’m a fantastic dancer. Better than them all these all, Michael Jackson, Varun Dhawan, Hrithik Roshan, Mithun Chakraborty, and Ranveer Singh," he said.

Over Karan's question to Anil Kapoor about his personal life, he answered that sex makes him feel younger.

Varun revealed that he feels closely competitive with Alia Bhatt and his competition is not restricted to actors alone.

Anil Kapoor confessed that in his initial years he was insecure about Jacki Shiroff's success who was an outsider.

He said, "The day I signed Yash Chopra's film, I felt, 'Oh now I'm fine.' But Jackie was always so sweet." 


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