Jamtara a Netflix series season 2 has been released on Friday, September 23 on Netflix worldwide

The series is based on On the phishing empire run in India from the back alleys of this little Jharkhand suburb

It was difficult for the second season to keep viewers interested while also presenting something fresh

You might recall that Jamtara is managed by boys who seem like amateurs but can clear out your bank account with just a phone call, is the epicenter of phishing and credit card theft in India

The second season of the show picks up after the first one's conclusion. Brajesh Bhaan, Gudiya's longtime tormentor, is her opponent in the Assembly elections 

The boys of Jamtara are expanding their "phishing business" in the interim as Sunny (Sparsh Srivastava) heals from his wounds

Season 2 of the show is set in the middle of the demonetization period, showcasing the 'issues' that con artists encountered as a result of the abrupt change