John Boyega has already raised an alteration idea for the new film The Woman King.

The actor who gained fame from her role in recent star wars movies is now seen trying his hand in a film from the ground up.

John is set to make his presence on the next big screen in the Gina Prince-Bythewood-directed film The Woman King.

He is playing King Gozo in the movie. The film tells the story of female warriors who guarded the West African region.

John is already thinking about the characters based on real-life figures from history even before the movie is out.

John's co-star Thuso has no plan for any such movie but she seems quite interested in John's idea of a sequel.

Thuso quickly passed the idea to Gina and she also replied 'it could work,' usually Gina has no belief in the sequel but she liked the idea of the actor.

She added, for now, the idea of a sequel remains in the air but soon it will be to the studio to confirm whether to go forward with it or not.

Thuso said that she liked the idea to touch the history again and binge into king Dahomey who wasn't a favourable king in real history.

The king will be seen in a different light and could be the villain of the story she revealed the assumptions.