Little Women is an ongoing K drama, directed by Kim-Hee-Won and starring Kim  Go-Eun and Nam Ji-Hyun. Where three sisters share a close bond.

In the drama, three sisters get into a fight with the richest and the most influential family in South Korea.

The story offers a lot, poor sisters with a worthless mother struggling to make it with their job and not so supportive towards their daughters.

Goblin actress Kim Go-Eun is playing the eldest sister of the family fighting against the rich family of S. Korea.

In-Joo is a self-proclaimed lover of expensive things. And more often she is forced to put those pursuits aside for her sisters. 

Hwa Young has a complicated history with the most powerful family in the nation. The drama is shaping up to be the freshest with the new idea.

The dynamic between the sisters is undeniably perfect. Also, it is benefited by the outstanding supporting cast.  

If " Little Women " be considered an adaptation of Alcott's novel then Jong-ho is by far one of the most endearing on-screen versions of Theodore Lawrence.

And for the fact, that the series is pretty intense and full of suspense. Curiosity begins and ends for the whole episode.

The three OH  sisters lack parental support and face humiliation because of their parents. The girls owe mountains of debt which was accumulated by their father.

The cast includes: Park Ji -Hoo, Nam Ji- Hyun, Kim Jo- Eun, Wi Ha-Joon, Song Joong-Ki, Kang Hoon, etc