Country star Maren Morris says that she doesn't feel comfortable attending next month's music award show.

This is due to her fight with a conservative influencer Britney Aldean. Weeks after their feud she made this statement.

Maren said this because her record 'Humble Quest' has been nominated for album of the year.

She said that she is very honored that her record has been nominated but she doesn't know if she is comfortable being there.

She added that it is not confirmed she might take a quick decision and go there because many of her loving people will be there also.

She explained the reason that she feels awkward in those events and finds it peaceful not attending them.

Morris CMAs publically called out country star Jasen Aldean's wife for making transphobic remarks on social media.

Morris was thrilled with the influencer's transphobia and so she left a scattering of comments on the offending post.

Since those fateful posts, the fight between the two started and intensified leaving more social media comments.

Britney has visited a prime-time interview for Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson's nightly series where the host marked the artist fake country music singer.