Jerry Perenchi is the owner of America's most expensive mansion. The mega mansion is named 'The One.' 

It is located in The Chartwell Estates, Beverly Hills California. A very beautiful and lush green mansion it is. 

The house is currently priced at 350 Million USD. It is the largest mansion in the nation spread across 105,000 sq. feet

The house comprises 21 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms and a luxurious nightclub, gymnasium, bowling area, and cinema hall. 

The mansion was built by producer Nile Niami in 1933. The list of its amenities has grown to a high level since then.

Some of its great features also include a 400-foot jogging track, 30 car parking, a spa and a grand swimming pool

The architect Paul MC Clean, and the designer Kathryn Rotondi have planned the house and put out the vision best for its life. 

To create such a project was exciting and thrilling for them but at the time it is a long and time-consuming plan. 

Due to city ordinances, it is reported that no such house will be built again in Los Angeles. The only agents Branden and Rayni will truly be selling the house. 

The project of building The One has taken a lot of effort and indescribable hard work of many people behind the making, it is really the one.