Netflix has reportedly housed the needs of social media users who lately became furious after Netflix classified a biopic about Jeffrey Dahmer as "LGBTQ" content.

Netflix debuted "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," a 10-part, a fictional show of the life, confession, detention, and trust of Dahmer.

He claimed it was blameworthy by reason of absurdity. to kill 16 men and underage boys in Milwaukee and Ohio

Though a jury later found him to be mentally clever. He was arrested but not sentenced for another slaying.

Under the semblance of taking naked photos of them or involving them sexually, Dahmer seduced most of his victims to his residence.

He then anaesthetised them, choked them, and dismembered their bodies. In some cases, he saved some of their body parts for masturbation intents. 

Police found several severed skulls, hearts, penises, and even whole skeletons in his flat. He also confessed to involving in necrophilia and cannibalism.

Evidently, because he was a homosexual and most of his targets were recalled as members of the gay society.

Netflix drew the "LGBTQ" tag, though it is undefined when it did so. A family member of one of his prey has also carried to social media to clarify.

One of the family members of the victim tweeted that he is not telling anyone what to watch but if you're curious to know about the victim's family then for my family it is retraumatizing.