List of new upcoming PlayStation games of 2023 

Street Fighter 6- It is a famous fighting game making its return with many new features, old characters, and two new additional modes. Expected release date - 2023


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League - It is the newest endeavor from the masterminds behind the Batman: Arkham series. Expected release date - spring 2023


Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - It is an open-world game based on action-adventure and it is inspired by James Cameron's famous movie Avatar. Expected release date - 2023


Horizon Call of the Mountain - With the upcoming launch of PSVR 2, this game could be the first game to make its purchase worthwhile. Expected release date - TBA


Marvel's Wolverine - The developer released Marvel’s Wolverine, a new game with the well-known adamantium-clawed mutant as the star. Expected release date - TBA


Forspoken - This New Yorker is taken to the imaginary realm of Athia, a stunning land ridden with monstrous beasts. The expected release date - January 24, 2023