Professional wrestling experienced a chaotic year in 2022 as Vince McMahon departed from all of his positions with WWE.

Top performers in AEW were suspended and titles were taken away as a result of a backstage incident.

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, the first pay-per-view match between the two promotions, also took place this year.

Rocky Romero participated in a Winner Takes All match on the program in which the IWGP Tag Team Championship lost to the ROH World Tag Team Champions FTR.

In an interview with "The Undisputed Podcast," Romero commented, "It's unbelievable to see where the business is now." "The recent establishment of AEW and where it stands in comparison to WWE

You know, because there is definitely going to increase, I think, the competition because obviously like Triple H and ... Stephanie [McMahon], and they need to kind of like make their WWE now", he added.

Romero talked about whether or not he thinks AEW and WWE are actually rivals. Romero stated that "AEW and Tony Khan are still figuring out what making AEW is going to be,".