Roger Taylor is about to release a live album which he recorded during his October 2021 ‘outsider UK tour'

It was his first live performance outside of Queen in over twenty years. 

It was an extremely successful show in which Queen’s founding member performed a series of ‘intimate’ shows

Taylor’s The Outsider Tour Live is going to feature 22 tracks that were performed across his 14-date 2021 live tour.

His lead single, “surrender” in which he sheds light on the subject of domestic abuse, will predate the album with a digital release on September 8th.

Roger Taylor describes this album as "slightly nostalgic and wistful", 

These songs are a set of Queen classics and a glorious revisiting of Taylor’s six-album strong solo catalog.

Taylor also admitted that he wrote and recorded this album in COVID lockdown

The live tour was extraordinary, featuring Tyler Warren (The drummer), Spike Edney (Keyboard player), Tina Keys (Multi-instrumentalist), Neil Fairclough (Bass), and many more.