After Meghan Markle debacle, Sharon Osbourne reacts as US host talks shit storm.

She claims that she was stabbed in the back after her abrupt exit from the conversation.

She spoke out about the after-effect of the media frenzy after she publically supported her friend.

The Duke and Duchess sat down with Oprah Winfrey last year and talked about their life in the royal family.

Piers had received backlash days after Oprah, Harry and Meghan telecasted for saying believe a word comes out of Meghan's mouth.

Sharon was horrified after host Sheryl suggested that the defence of Piers may itself be racist.

The later network said that Sharon's approach in the discussion did not align with the values of the workplace.

Sharon said that this is how she feels about a few women not liking her stabbed in the back.

She expressed herself saying, 'are they going to stop me from doing anything or they can pull me back?'

She will not allow all that to happen to her so she just wants to carry on, she added.