Amado’s request to Shikamaru was presented in the previous Boruto chapter having a conversation with Eida.

Amado revealed to Shikamaru that Eida is in relationship with Code and she won’t be arguing on his side.

Maybe because she had soft corner for Kawaki, Eida recommended they join forces with Konoha.

Shikamaru stresses his assumptions that remaining in the enemy’s camp is Team 7’s main agenda.

When Shikamaru gets to know about Daemon and Eida’s abilities, he had contacted Naruto and Team Seven.

While doing this, Code “adjusted” Ten-tails to a more manageable size with his limiters.

It appears that Code is no longer fighting this battle alone, as Ten-tails was able to pass past Code’s Claw markings after the transformation.

Naruto was left with little option but to accept Eida’s assistance; nonetheless, it will be fascinating to observe Kawaki and Boruto.

Leaks suggest that Shikamaru accepts Eida’s offer and suggests that Team 7 bunk in with Eida upon her arrival.

Eida is just listening to the conversation she is happy to have the prospect of sharing a room with Kawaki.