Susanna Reid, a Good Morning Britain host has always been open about her weight loss and shared her struggles with the public to help them.

Susanna was a mother of three. She has disclosed her secret of losing a stone and a half weight without any exercise.

She said she gained weight a few pounds like others in this pandemic sitting home and not being able to work out.

She had previously accepted she doesn't go to the gym in one of the airings of the Good Morning Britains episode.

She said she has stopped going to the gym because that makes her more hungry, and she managed to lose a stone and a half weight without gyming.

She once shared about her weight loss journey to the magazine Prima in 2019 and how she worked upon it when her skin problems started.

Her doctor suggested she lose weight as she was at end of her height's BMI. She was sent out to eat healthier.

She was asked to cut out her meals. She admits that she too was feeling a little heavy and when she started the diet she started feeling fantastic.

She is a pescatarian and she stopped consuming alcohol in 2019. Drinking caused many problems to her skin he added.

She said her skin was a manifestation of what she was putting inside her body. She kept getting blemishes and red scars.