Netflix’s Thai Cave Rescue is a true story and now filmmakers can’t stop retelling it.

The Thai Cave Rescue is the incredible real-life story of aspiration and holding onto the life of 12 soccer players and their coach.

They were rescued after being stuck in the Northern Thailand Cave for more than two weeks.

On Sep 22, it gets released on Netflix with a six-episode covering how they get stuck in a certain Non-system due to rainfall.

It is the fourth major rescue operation that took the world's attention. They have also promised for behind the scenes.

The series includes exclusive insights into real-life wild Boars. In the series, some of the shots have taken in their real houses themselves.

The showrunner Dana Ledox Miller tells TIME that the boys are the heart and the soul of the series.

The story is one of the adaptations of the rescue story. The depiction of news footage that tells the story has been given to the European diver.

The creator's decision to put boys at the center of the series makes it sets this retelling apart. Director says that point of view is what gets missed sometimes.

Miller once said that she and Gunn were worried about working with the boys to tell their stories. She added that they were humorous though.