Season 19 for 'The Bachelorette' began with leading ladies Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.

They both look extremely happy in their relationships which are Tino Franco and Erich Schwer.

Sooner Gabby and Erich argued when Erich texted one of his exes who later came forward on social media.

But the same cannot be said for Tino who admitted cheating on Rachel after the season's production wrapped.

They both came face to face on the live finale sitting opposite host Jesse Palmer. They were tasked with moderating their tense conversation.

But that does not result in peaceful closure for the former fiances who were engaged for a few weeks.

For the twist, the producer brought Rachels's former suiter, Aven Jones, to the show hoping she would be happy for a moment.

Fans lit up on social media saying although Tino was wrong in cheating on Rachel still they shouldn't humiliate him on national TV.

Aven said the moment they stepped off stage Rachel told Variety that no one ever wants to be put in a place where they feel humiliated.

Rachel said that she does not know what was happenings it all just happened so quickly. No one didn't really intend to do so.