On September 26, every year, Naughty Dog honors the series in some fashion, large or small. The Last of Us Day is coming up soon.

Recent Twitter hints that we could soon be seeing a trailer for the impending The Last of Us HBO series suggest that this year might be more of the latter.

Neil Druckmann, the series' director and a co-president of Naughty Dog, and co-writer Craig Mazin recently posted tweets hinting that the upcoming HBO series The Last of Us may have a trailer shortly

It seems that Naughty Dog will honor The Last of Us Day with a new interpretation of the HBO series.

It's interesting to note that the show's official Twitter profile has just received updates, which could mean that full-fledged marketing and advertising for the show is about to get underway.

The standalone multiplayer project won't be revealed until 2023, but we don't yet know what else Naughty Dog may have in store for The Last of Us Day.

The Last of Us Part 1 for PC is already in development, and many fans are eagerly awaiting word of a precise release date.