Tiffany Sara Cornelia Haddish is an American comedian. She was born on 3 December 1979 and is now married to William Stewart. 

Her net worth is $6 million. In 2020 she shared that in her movie 'Girls Trip' which grossed over $140 million she was paid only $80,000.

Recent reports claim that the actress has become jobless. This month the actress and a comedian Aries have been accused of sexually abusing children.

The report says that even after the case has been dismissed she is not finding work. Tiffany said that she regretted doing that comedy sketch.

She said that even that sketch was intended to be comedic but didn't really turn out the same and she regrets having acceded to it.

She also revealed that the lawsuit is over and wishes that she could reclaim her career. She also said that she and Aries no longer talk.

Some of her hits in the industry are, Girls Trip, The Card Counter, The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, etc.

She has won The Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album and People's Choice For Favourite Movie Actress in recent years.

The comedian was raised in Southcentral LA. She was from a Christian family where her father was a refugee and her mother a business owner.

The actress was most recently found linked with Common whom she dated for many years before they broke up last November.