Kiichiro Toyoda serves as the founder of Toyota USA. The company handles all the branches of TMC in Canada, Mexico and the United States. The company's market cap is around 192.16 Billion.


Henry Ford founder of FMC launched the company to sell automobiles. Model A was the first model of the Ford car launched in 1903. The current valuation of the company is 161 Billion USD.


Louis Chevrolet founded the company, Chevrolet Motors in 1911. The company is based on commercial vehicles and automobiles.


American Honda MC is headquartered in Torrance, California. Its first model was the 'Honda N600' launched in 1969. The company's current valuation is 10.57 Billion USD.


Nissan USA empowers with tomorrow's technology, headquartered in Franklin. Makoto Uchida serves as the CEO of the comapny. Its current valuation is 14.68 Billion USD.


Jeep USA is a sports vehicle company selling automobiles for more than 60 years. Jim Morrison founded the brand and the company sold 1.4 million SUVs across the world.



Hyundai motors line up various vehicles and serve many global campaigns. Chung Ju Yung founded the company Hyundai Motors.


Kia automobiles provide a range of vehicles that enhance your luxury. It is located in West Point, GA, founded by SeungKyu Yoon.


William C Durant serves as the founder of GMC USA, which sells commercial vehicles, automobiles and trucks. Its current valuation is 58.28 Billion USD. 


Volkswagen groups of America has its headquarters in Herndon, Virginia and US. Scott Keogh is its CEO and its current valuation is 145.46 EUR.