These are few best and worth watching Netflix's shows.  You can definitely consider them into your weekend plans this month.

Twenty five - Twenty one is really a wholesome series that takes you to nostalgia and makes you revisit your emotions for your first love.

Stranger things maintains a psycho-thrillomatic theme that focused on the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of the character. It has a total four seasons till date.

Money Heist is straight up painful to watch, as it deals with intriguing plot which unfolds a new mystery with twists, focuses on serious social agendas.

Peaky Blinders is a gangster drama, with brutal violence. It is the most underrated TV show but at the same time worth watching.  

18 Again is a drama that taught most of the life lessons about all kinds of relationships in a realistic manner. It is really heartwarming to watch.

Little Women, is a show that depicts women's struggle between familial duty and personal growth. It follows the path of four sisters, through youth to women hood.

Operation Mincemeat is a successful British  deception of Second World War to disguise allied invasion of Sicily. 

Behind Her Eyes is not a horror but a psychological thriller which definitely has some spooky elements in it.  It is a compelling, sexy and terrifying story based on manipulations. 

Incredibly simple and hilarious series 'Lucifer' is a compassionate exploration of abandonment. It is an American urban fantasy television series.

The Korean drama " Business Proposal has a great blend of romance, comedy and mystery. It successfully creates an emotional connection with the viewers.  

Netflix's thus have a huge selection of various movies and TV shows. The ten mentioned before were the must watch of it.