DJ Akademiks does not perform with Toya Johnson! This Saturday morning, the reality star chose to confront him for the remarks he made about her daughter.

Many people are aware that YouTubers A'rmon Warren and Reginae are allegedly dating. She had previously been connected to YFN Lucci.

Recently, DJ Akademiks aired his opinions on Reginae's new beau in his most recent YouTube video. He even claimed that Reginae dates particular men because of their clout

The assertion that she "downgraded" from Lucci by dating A'rmon, whom he thinks has a "more feminine" appearance than Reginae, is made by Akademiks in the video.

During his tirade, he made the mistake of calling her "b*tches" before correcting himself.

Toya, who obviously saw the video, responded to Akademiks by saying, "Akademiks I can't tolerate dudes that do b*tch sh*t. Don't say my daughter's name out loud

Toya has not received a response from Akademiks. The father of Reginae, Lil Wayne, has yet to respond to his remarks as well.