Prince Aegon, the eldest child of King Viserys (Paddy Considine) and Queen Alicent, was introduced to audiences during the "House of the Dragon" episode that aired on September 25.

The naughty child engaged in his fair share of mischief with his nephews Jacaerys, also known as Jace (Leo Hart), and Lucerys, also known as Luke (Harvey Sadler).

Ty Tennant, the son of David Tennant and his wife Georgia, portrays the character in its most recent iteration, which is ten years older than the toddler viewers first encountered in earlier episodes.

Ty's mother, Georgia, was 17 when he was born; he is now 20. Georgia wed David in 2011, and David adopted Ty.

Ty participated in films and television shows like "Tolkein" and "Doom Patrol" in addition to his three years as a star in "War of the Worlds."

Due to the show's multiple time jumps, it's unclear how many episodes of "House of the Dragon" Ty will appear in.

Ty is probably going to show up in at least one more episode, though. Concerning their private lives and families, David and Georgia often maintain a fairly low profile.