Merv Griffin created an American game show  "Wheel Of Fortune," where contestants compete against each other by solving word puzzles to win money determined by the spinning wheel.

There is a total of 39 seasons of the Wheel of Fortune to date and the 40th season is ongoing. Fun show.

 Pat and Vanna are two very nice people, Pat is always gentle with the contestants and always funny.

Recently rereported that a wheel of fortune player missed out on a $100k bonus prize after she failed to solve a word puzzle.

Host Pat Sajak quoted it as the 'first big loss of the season. "It's the first big disappointment of the season and it's an XL disappointment, I'm sorry," Pat said.

 Fans did not think "Delicious Taffy" was that tough to guess. One of the fans tweeted, "A lady spun the wheel and landed on the 100 grand but did not get it.

 "Thank God it wasn't the million," another added. "The puzzle board had seven blank letters. Some assumed that it would’ve been easy to solve.

 Jen grappled to figure it out since it wasn’t a common phrase. Unfortunately, time was out. Pat revealed the puzzle: “Delicious Taffy.” 

The audience gasped over Jen’s mistake. when Pat opened the gold mystery card that revealed what she would’ve won, she gets stunned looking at the cash prize of $100k that she missed.

Usually, the big prizes are associated with phrases that are not as easy to guess. It comes out that most of the watchers are also taffy lovers.