Courteney Cox Humourous Poke On Kayne West’s Bumbling ‘Friends’

Courteney Cox has granted fans yet additional inducement to chuckle and amuse, with a hilarious retort to Kanye West’s claim that he doesn’t think “Friends” is funny. Cox, who played Monica Geller in the blockbuster comedy show, decided to respond to the 45-year-old rapper with a saucy Instagram post.

Courteney Cox

West’s initial message, which has since been deleted, claimed he did not write many of his previous highly contagious tweets, among them one from two years ago in which he said he didn’t find “Friends” amusing — though, in retrospect, he “wishes” he had.

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Courteney Cox responded by posting a video of herself dancing to West’s 2008 hit “Heartless” while scrolling through Instagram, taking a moment when she sees his post.

“I honestly didn’t write the [Twitter] that said ‘Friends wasn’t funny either,’ but wish I had,” Cox quotes from the now-deleted post.

Courtney Cox

While listening to West`s 2008 song “Heartless,” Courteney Cox zooms down on the lines “Friends. Not. It was funny.” With that, she shuts off the tune.

She captioned the video with the phrase “I bet the old Kanye thought Friends was amusing,” along with a sad face emoji.

Kayne’s Trump Endearment

Trump’s ardent admirer West visited the White House frequently in October 2018 and even started his own 2020 bid, which was on certain state ballots that year.

Many people were of the opinion that the 2020 tweet was a retort to Cox’s “Friends” co-star Jennifer Aniston, who urged her fans not to support West in his failed presidential quest that year. The “Friends wasn’t funny” post surfaced online in 2020, following Cox’s co-star Jennifer Aniston’s declaration that she supported Joe Biden over then-President Donald Trump.

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Once Were Get Along Birds

Cox and West previously got along. The Chicago rapper and Cox’s then-wife, Kim Kardashian, spent time together in 2016. Kim uploaded the image in 2016 along with Courteney Cox from an event, in which Kanye can be seen having fun and laughing. Kanye’s Instagram tirades – In the middle of an Instagram tirade over his business dealings with the companies Gap and Adidas, West made the remark. Since then, a lot of the posts have been removed from his Instagram feed.