Roger Taylor Promulgates ‘The Outsider Tour 2021’ His Captivating Rock Release

The Outsider Tour Live, a live album captured during Roger Taylor’s wildly popular Outsider UK Tour in October 2021, will be released. The tour featured a series of “intimate” performances by the charter member of Queen.

The difficult choice to push back Queen and Adam Lambert’s UK and European tour for another year had to be made last year. So, before embarking on a UK tour that culminated with Brian May accompanying him on stage in London, drummer Roger Taylor made the best of the chance to work on his most recent solo album, Outsider.

Roger Taylor Promulgates 'The Outsider Tour 2021'

Although it required Roger Taylor 8 years and a pandemic to release Outsider, his sixth and most well-received solo album to date, Taylor quickly follows up with another to expand his body of solo work.

“For some time now, we’ve all just been trying to get by. Now, it’s back to the basics, myself and some great musical pals getting back out there to play some rock.”

Roger Taylor

Taylor’s The Outsider Tour Live, which includes 22 songs performed over his 14-date, sold-out late 2021 tour, will be released on vinyl, as a 2CD set, and digitally on September 30. On September 8, the album’s lead track, “Surrender,” will be on sale digitally.

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When Roger Taylor toured the Outsider album across the UK, the emphasis was on pure immersive experience gratification even though the tour was intended to highlight the Outsider album, which Taylor admits was produced and recorded under the Covid19 lockdown silhouette and resulted in work he describes as “slightly nostalgic and wistful.”

Roger Taylor’s Masterpiece Blend of ‘The New Rock’ And ‘Old Histrionics’

Roger Taylor’s concerts were a masterful performance of how to enthrall an audience by locating the perfect balance that combines the sensation of the contemporary and the histrionics of rock’s collective memory. His set list skillfully blended the new material with inescapable Queen classics and featured a marvelous revisiting of his 6-album potent solo catalog.

His Captivating Rock Release

The band on the tour, included keyboardist Spike Edney, drummer Tyler Warren, multi-instrumentalist Tina Keys, bassist Neil Fairclough, and guitarist Christian Mendoza, as well as (in London) a special appearance by one Brian May, who Taylor referred to as “my brother from another mother!” on stage, was extraordinary.

The ‘Frontman’ Of Queen

Roger Taylor has blown to bits musical genres, busted records, and been rhapsodized for half a century as frontman of Queen as well as through his well-received accomplishments outside of the band. Nonetheless, these performances emerge as youthful, raise the alarm, and incentivized.

And Taylor knows when to take a breather from the finely tuned balance of drum force, power vocals, and quiet contemplation, trying to deliver legitimate glob in the throat instances with the earnestness of “Say It’s Not True,” his chorus acknowledging the terror and fear of an HIV positive prognosis.

“I Just Want It To Be Me”!

When it comes to The Outsider tracks, Roger has remarked, “I just want it to be me. I don’t attempt to sound like Queen or not sound like Queen.” However, by the moment of the interludes on this tour, upbeat cover versions of the hymn Heroes by his former friend and colleague David Bowie and the boisterous Rock’N’Roll by Led Zeppelin were blowing the rafters and providing a glimpse into Taylor’s interests.

Roger Taylor Promulgates 'The Outsider Tour 2021' His Captivating Rock Release

A Prelude To The Album Release!

When “Surrender” was first launched in 1999, it brought domestic abuse to the forefront of public discourse and was even incorporated by the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary through its initiatives to aggrandize a culture of zero tolerance. As the album’s lead single, Taylor’s live rendition of the song serves as a prelude to the album’s release.